Hands down, this is a keeper. Not only is it creamy, rich, delicately scented and absorbs like the wind. It´s also brimming with smoothing shea butter, hydrating strawberries and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. Yet, the true star of the pack is the youth-boosting hyaluronic acid. This essential is rich in both low- and high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, with unrivalled moisture-stimulating properties and a documented anti-age effect. In short, this baby is so powerful it counteracts crepiness and lost elasticity, restores plumpness instantly and leaves hands soft as silk. 


Serve To Protect Me Rejuvenating Hand Cream has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the COSMOS Organic Label and the Vegan Trademark.

This is how you do it

Apply a small amount and massage into dry hands after washing or whenever you feel like an instant moisture boost. Don’t forget your cuticles. Pair with Reveal Me Purifying Hand Soap for a complete hand-spa experience.

Use Serve To Protect Me Rejuvenating Hand Cream as part of your bedtime routine and let it work wonders, undisturbed, overnight. Or treat your feet with a night mask. Apply generously and slip into a pair of cotton socks before you dream away.


Recycling is one of the most effective ways to save natural resources. When it comes to our packaging, we make sure as much as possible has a past. We hope you’ll help us give it a future, too. Not sure how? Check out our afterlife guide.

Serve To Protect Me Rejuvenating Hand Cream FAQ

Why do I need hand cream? 

Because your hands will thank you for it. Wind, rain and sun dehydrate the thin skin on your hands, and the solvents and surfactants we use when cleaning and washing our hands are a daily trial. As a consequence, the natural protection and repair systems of the skin are easily overworked and can result in damage to the skin-barrier function.

Will my hands become greasy from using this hand cream? 

No, not at all. Serve To Protect Me Rejuvenating Hand Cream absorbs in a second. 

How often should I apply hand cream?

Basic rule: every time you wash your hands! Using water and soap for 20 seconds (the time required to kill viruses and bacteria) removes naturally produced protective oils from your skin, making it prone to cracking, irritation and even eczema, so applying lotion is an easy countermeasure. Piece of advice: keep a bottle of hand cream by your bathroom sink as a loving reminder. Beyond that, re-apply whenever your hands are feeling dehydrated or in need of a little extra care.

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