‘The world needs change and we want to do our part. That’s why Astalou presents a new kind of luxury.’

Founder Ronja Justesen


Our planet calls for sustainable development and for new solutions to old problems.

We all have to rethink our ways – including our daily beauty rituals. What do luxury or self-indulgence mean these days? Does it even make sense to take care of ourselves if we don´t take care of nature? Of course not.

Conscious luxury is our strategy. Consciousness, in the literal sense of the word, is being aware of and responding to one’s surroundings. And that’s exactly what we are and what we do. We are mindful of the state of things, and we challenge the notion of conventional luxury in response. In short: Astalou levels up your self-care routine with certified organic and planet-friendly beauty essentials that make you glow sustainably. 

Being a conscious luxury brand is a process. Nothing is set in stone. We need to do more and do better continuously. And we will. What remains constant, though, is our promise that every decision we make along the way is made with both sensory pleasure and sustainability in mind. And that is a welcome change for everyone, including Mother Earth.

Dive in Deeper
If you want to know more about the way we work and the actions we take, please dive into our ingredient philosophy and the certifications we carry.

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