Let’s not beat around the bush: the beauty industry is a dream factory. We love dreaming away as much as anyone – and especially about the soft, sensuous pampering that brings a glow ekstraordinaire – but we cherish being present and awake just as much.

The Conscious Luxury Crusade, therefore, is our strategy. We challenge industry norms and promote transparency to give everyone the chance to make informed choices when deciding on their go-to beauty favourites. No one should be misled into chasing empty promises in a jar or unknowingly putting their health or the well-being of Mother Earth at risk when taking care of their skin. The certifications we carry are your proof we keep our word.


Astalou has been awarded three best-in-class, unbiased, independent, standard-setting certifications. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the COSMOS Organic Label and the Vegan Trademark.

A word on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the COSMOS Organic Label first. COSMOS focuses on the past – the origin of ingredients – while the Nordic Swan Ecolabel looks forward and takes into account what happens to our environment when a product is used. 

The unique and tough-to-get combination of the two ensures full transparency and guarantees we live up to strict standards in all phases of our products’ life cycle, from origin to degradation. It’s our certified circle of kindness.


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic ecolabel. The aim of the label is to reduce the overall environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict requirements for the use of chemicals and in all relevant phases of a product's life cycle and considers all the environmental problems that arise along the way – from raw ingredients to production, use, disposal and recycling.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel list of requirements:
- A product must not contain microplastic.
- A product must not contain any components found on the EU’s list of substances suspected of being endocrine disruptors.
- Hair and skincare products must not contain MI or other preservatives classified as allergenic.



COSMOS is a common European certification of organic cosmetics. It is used in more than 70 countries and is your guarantee as a consumer that ingredients are grown responsibly and with respect for the environment. 

What does it take to be awarded the COSMOS Organic label?
- A minimum of 95% of the ingredients in a product must be of natural origin.
- A minimum of 95% of the natural oils and extracts in the product must be organic.
- A minimum of 10% of the ingredients in products that can be washed off and a minimum of 20% of ingredients in products that cannot be washed off must be organic.
- Products must always state the percentage of natural ingredients and organics.


Vegan Trademark

Astalou is also proud to carry the Vegan Trademark from The Vegan Society.

The Vegan Trademark is a registered trademark and an internationally recognised standard for vegan products.

The Vegan Trademark is your guarantee that product development and production takes place without testing on animals. To be awarded the Vegan Trademark a product must not contain any animal ingredients or by-products, including beeswax, wool fat from sheep and honey. 



Some Astalou products contain palm oil – naturally, RSPO-certified. 

The RSPO was established in 2004 with a mission to make sustainable palm oil the norm. RSPO certification ensures that production takes place in a responsible manner, reducing carbon emissions and loss of biodiversity.

RSPO’s criteria to help reduce the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation:
- Behave ethically and transparently.
- Operate legally and respect rights.
- Optimise productivity, efficiency, positive impacts and resilience.
- Respect community and human rights, and deliver benefits.
- Support smallholder inclusion.
- Respect workers’ rights and conditions.
- Protect, conserve and enhance ecosystems and the environment.


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